Up until this year, the funds raised from Pedal for P-Man have gone to two charities that were near and dear to Patrick’s heart: Shatterproof and GA Overdose Prevention. However, as the event has grown, we feel that our mission has room to expand in order for us to do more direct good in Patrick’s name, as more than just fundraisers

With that in mind, in 2018 we founded the P-Man Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to expand access to healthy social activities (like bike riding) for those in recovery.

Giving those in recovery a push to help them keep their balance

It’s a cause that Patrick would’ve loved because it aims to solve a pain that he felt over and over again.

While in intensive recovery programs, Patrick thrived. In a certain sense, he felt most comfortable in environments where being brutally honest and introspective was demanded. But what seemed to trip P up was the re-entry into “normal” life.

Once he was back into “the real world,” Patrick would struggle — people weren’t as honest, no one was watching him, and perhaps more than anything, it was hard to be highly social while sober.

Bike riding was important to Patrick because it represented a clean and healthy outlet that was also fun and social. It’s a hobby that comes with a supportive community that doesn’t require you to drink and that has the potential to open up parts of the city to you that you didn’t know existed.

What we’re working on

To that end, we’ve established a pilot program in collaboration with local recovery programs and Bicycle Tours of Atlanta, with the intention of introducing those in recovery to the bicycle community of Atlanta.

Thus far, we’ve hosted tours of Atlanta and done bicycle safety courses, and in the short term we hope to supply donated bicycles to willing participants.

Your donations will help us create and foster a bicycling community for those in and out of recovery throughout Atlanta, made in Patrick’s memory.